MHEC offers several services to students that
bring greater excellence and help them in
achieving their academic goals.

MHEC Specialized Services for Students

The Ministry of Higher Education Commission offers a wide range of specialized services for students. These services are helpful for the students to support their academic growth and development.

Our Services

Equivalence Degree Issuance

International collaborations of educational institutes and Mobility of students and scholars across the world has resulted in a more challenging and complex degree and diploma equivalence and recognition environment. Considering these complexities, the MHEC follows intelligent procedures for issuing equivalence.

MHEC Degree Attestation System

The Ministry of Higher Education Commission strives to provide a simple and easily accessible degree attestation system to all of the applicants. Follow the required procedure as stated by The Ministry of Higher Education Commission and provide all of the required documents and information to get your degree attested and completely verified.